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810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20420

Phone, 202-273-4800. Internet, www.va.gov.
SECRETARY OF VETERANS AFFAIRS                     Togo D. West, Jr.
    Chief of Staff                                Janice F. Joyner
Deputy Secretary                                  Hershel W. Gober
Chairman, Board of Contract Appeals               Guy H. McMichael III
Chairman, Board of Veterans' Appeals              Eligah Dane Clark
    Vice Chairman, Board of Veterans'             Richard B. Standefer
Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged       Scott F. Denniston
        Business Utilization
Director, Center for Minority Veterans            Willie L. Hensley
Director, Center for Women Veterans               Joan A. Furey
Director, Office of Employment Discrimination     Charles R. Delobe
        Complaint Adjudication
General Counsel                                   Leigh A. Bradley
Inspector General                                 Richard J. Griffin
Veterans' Service Organizations Liaison           Allen (Gunner) Kent
Under Secretary for Health, Veterans Health       (vacancy)
    Deputy Under Secretary for Health             Thomas Garthwaite
Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits   Joseph Thompson
    Deputy Under Secretary for                    Patrick Nappi
    Deputy Under Secretary for                    Nora E. Egan
Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs, National    Roger R. Rapp, Acting
        Cemetery Administration
Assistant Secretary for Financial Management      Edward A. Powell, Jr.
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer                W. Todd Grams
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                D. Mark Catlett
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Frank W. Sullivan
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Gary J. Krump
            Acquisition and Materiel 
Assistant Secretary for Information and           (vacancy)
    Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary          Harold F. Gracey, Jr.
            for Information and 
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                (vacancy)
            Information Resources 
    Director, Austin Automation Center            Linda Voges, Acting
Assistant Secretary for Planning and Analysis     Dennis Duffy
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Patricia J. O'Neil
            Program and Data Analysis
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Gary A. Steinberg
            Planning and Evaluation
Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and       Eugene A. Brickhouse
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Robert W. Schultz

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    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Equal          Ellis Jones Hodges, 
            Opportunity                                   Acting
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human          Ronald E. Cowles
            Resources Management
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                John H. Baffa
            Security and Law Enforcement
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Ventris C. Gibson
            Resolution Management
    Director, Shared Service Center               Bruce C. Carruthers
Assistant Secretary for Public and                John T. Hanson, Acting
        Intergovernmental Affairs
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                James H. Holley
            Public Affairs
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Maria Fernandez 
            Intergovernmental and                         Greczmiel
            International Affairs
Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs     (vacancy)
    Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary          (vacancy)
            for Congressional Affairs
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for                Philip Riggin
            Congressional Operations


The Department of Veterans Affairs operates programs to benefit veterans 
and members of their families. Benefits include compensation payments 
for disabilities or death related to military service; pensions; 
education and rehabilitation; home loan guaranty; burial; and a medical 
care program incorporating nursing homes, clinics, and medical centers.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was established as an executive 
department by the Department of Veterans Affairs Act (38 U.S.C. 201 
note). It. is comprised of three organizations that administer veterans 
programs: the Veterans Health Administration, the Veterans Benefits 
Administration, and the National Cemetery Administration. Each 
organization has field facilities and a central office component.


Cemeteries  The National Cemetery Administration (NCA) provides services 
to veterans, active duty personnel, and reservists and National Guard 
members with 20 years' qualifying service and their families by 
operating national cemeteries; furnishing headstones and markers for the 
unmarked graves of U.S. veterans worldwide, service members, and 
reservists and National Guard members with 20 years' qualifying service; 
awarding grants to aid States in establishing, improving, and expanding 
veterans cemeteries; and serving as the operations element for the 
Presidential Memorial Certificate Program.
Center for Minority Veterans  The Center for Minority Veterans was 
established under Public Law 103-446 (108 Stat. 4645) and is responsible 
for promoting the use of VA benefits, programs, and services by minority 
veterans and assessing the needs of minority group members. The work of 
the Center focuses on the unique and special needs of five distinct 
groups of veterans: African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, 
Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans, which include American Indians, 
Native Hawaiians, and Alaskan Natives.
Center for Women Veterans  The Center for Women Veterans acts as the 
Secretary's primary adviser on women veterans issues and evaluates VA 
programs, policies, and practices to ensure they are responsive and 
accessible to eligible women veterans.
Health Services  The Veterans Health Administration, formerly the 
Veterans Health Services and Research

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Administration, provides hospital, nursing home, and domiciliary care, 
and outpatient medical and dental care to eligible veterans of military 
service in the Armed Forces. It conducts both individual medical and 
health-care delivery research projects and multihospital research 
programs, and it assists in the education of physicians and dentists and 
with training of many other health care professionals through 
affiliations with educational institutions and organizations.
Veterans Benefits  The Veterans Benefits Administration provides 
information, advice, and assistance to veterans, their dependents, 
beneficiaries, representatives, and others applying for VA benefits. It 
also cooperates with the Department of Labor and other Federal, State, 
and local agencies in developing employment opportunities for veterans 
and referral for assistance in resolving socioeconomic, housing, and 
other related problems.
    The Compensation and Pension Service is responsible for claims for 
disability compensation and pension, specially adapted housing, accrued 
benefits, adjusted compensation in death cases, and reimbursement for 
headstone or marker; allowances for automobiles and special adaptive 
equipment; special clothing allowances; emergency officers' retirement 
pay; survivors' claims for death compensation, dependency and indemnity 
compensation, death pension, and burial and plot allowance claims; 
forfeiture determinations; and a benefits protection program for minors 
and incompetent adult beneficiaries.
    The Education Service is responsible for the Montgomery GI Bill, 
assistance programs for dependents, post-Vietnam era veterans, and other 
pilot programs, school approvals, compliance surveys, and work study 
    Life insurance operations for the benefit of service members, 
veterans, and their beneficiaries are available through the regional 
office and insurance center (phone, 800-669-8477) in Philadelphia, PA, 
which provides the full range of functional activities necessary for a 
national life insurance program. Activities include the complete 
maintenance of individual accounts, underwriting functions, life and 
death insurance claims awards, and any other insurance-related 
transactions. The agency also administers the Veterans Mortgage Life 
Insurance Program for those disabled veterans who receive a VA grant for 
specially adapted housing; the Servicemen's Group Life Insurance 
Program; and the Veterans Group Life Insurance Program.
    Loan guaranty operations include appraising properties to establish 
their values; approving grants for specially adapted housing; 
supervising the construction of new residential properties; establishing 
the eligibility of veterans for the program; evaluating the ability of a 
veteran to repay a loan and the credit risk; making direct loans to 
Native American veterans to acquire a home on trust land; servicing and 
liquidating defaulted loans; and disposing of real estate acquired as 
the consequence of defaulted loans.
    The Vocational Rehabilitation Service is responsible for outreach, 
motivation, evaluation, counseling, training, employment, and other 
rehabilitation services to disabled veterans; evaluation, counseling, 
and miscellaneous services to veterans and service persons and other VA 
education programs; evaluation, counseling, education, and miscellaneous 
services to sons, daughters, and spouses of totally and permanently 
disabled veterans and to surviving orphans, widows, or widowers of 
certain deceased veterans, including rehabilitation services to certain 
handicapped dependents; affirmative action activities; and vocational 
training and rehabilitation to children with spina bifida who are 
children of Vietnam veterans.
Veterans' Appeals  The Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) is responsible 
for entering the final appellate decisions in claims of entitlement to 
veterans' benefits and for deciding matters concerning fees charged by 
attorneys and agents for representation of veterans before VA and 
requests for revision of prior BVA decisions on the basis of clear and 
unmistakable error. Final Board

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decisions are appealable to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans 
Field Facilities  The Department's operations are handled through the 
following field facilities:
    --cemeteries, the final resting places for burial of the remains of 
veterans, active duty personnel, and reservists and National Guard 
members with 20 years' qualifying service; their spouses; and certain 
eligible dependents;
    --domiciliaries, providing the least intensive level of inpatient 
medical care including necessary ambulatory medical treatment, 
rehabilitation, and support services in a structured environment to 
veterans who are unable because of their disabilities to provide 
adequately for themselves in the community;
    --medical centers, providing eligible beneficiaries with medical and 
other health care services equivalent to those provided by private-
sector institutions, augmented in many instances by services to meet the 
special requirements of veterans;
    --outpatient clinics to provide eligible beneficiaries with 
ambulatory care; and
    --regional offices to grant benefits and services provided by law 
for veterans, their dependents, and beneficiaries within an assigned 
territory; furnish information regarding VA benefits and services; 
adjudicate claims and making awards for disability compensation and 
pension; supervise payment of VA benefits to incompetent beneficiaries; 
provide vocational rehabilitation and employment training; administer 
educational benefits; guarantee loans for purchase, construction, or 
alteration of homes; process grants for specially adapted housing; 
process death claims; and assist veterans in exercising rights to 
benefits and services.

           National Facilities--Department of Veterans Affairs
                                   Type of
           Address                 facility             Director
  Birmingham (700 S. 19th      Medical Center.  Y.C. Parris
   St., 35233).
  Central Alabama Health Care  Medical Center.  Linda F. Watson
   System (215 Perry Hill
   Rd., Montgomery, 36109-
  Mobile (1202 Virginia St.,   National         Sandra Beckley
   36604) (Mail: Barrancas      Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, FL).
  Montgomery (345 Perry Hill   Regional Office  Montgomery Watson
   Rd., 36109).
  Seale (Ft. Mitchell          National         Sharon Bell-Goodrich
   National Cemetery, 553       Cemetery.
   Hwy. 165, 36856).
  Tuscaloosa (35404).........  Medical Center.  W. Kenneth Ruyle
  Anchorage (2925 Debarr Rd.,  Outpatient       Alex Spector
   99508).                      Clinic and
  Ft. Richardson (P.O. Box 5-  National         Virginia M. Walker
   498, 99505).                 Cemetery.
  Sitka (803 Sawmill Creek     National         Virginia M. Walker
   Rd., 99835) (Mail: Ft.       Cemetery.
   Richardson National
   Cemetery, AK).
  Northern Arizona Health      Medical Center   Patricia A. McKlem
   Care System (500 N. Hwy.     (medical and
   89, Prescott, 86313).        domiciliary).
  Phoenix (7th St. & Indian    Medical Center.  John R. Fears
   School Rd., 85012).
  Phoenix (3225 N. Central     Regional Office  David M. Walls
   Ave., 85012).
  Phoenix (23029 N. Cave       National         Mark Maynard
   Creek Rd., 85024)            Cemetery.
   (National Memorial
   Cemetery of Arizona).
  Prescott (VA Medical         National         Mark Maynard
   Center, 500 Hwy. 89 N.,      Cemetery.
   86301) (Mail: National
   Memorial Cemetery of
  Southern Arizona Health      Medical Center.  Jonathan H. Gardner
   Care System (3601 S. 6th
   Ave., Tucson, 85723).
  Fayetteville (72701).......  Medical Center.  Michael Winn
  Fayetteville (700            National         Darrell W. Lindsey
   Government Ave., 72701).     Cemetery.
  Ft. Smith (522 Garland       National         John R. Smith
   Ave., 72901).                Cemetery.
  Little Rock (2523            National         Ronald Zink
   Confederate Blvd., 72206).   Cemetery.
  Little Rock (300 Roosevelt   Medical Center.  George Gray, Jr.
   Rd., 72205) (John L.
   McClellan Memorial
   Veterans Hospital).
    Little Rock Division
    North Little Rock
   Division (Mail: Little
  North Little Rock (P.O. Box  Regional Office  Fred King
   1280, Bldg. 65, Ft. Roots,
  Central California Health    Medical Center.  Alan S. Perry
   Care System (2615 Clinton
   Ave., Fresno, 93703).

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  Gustine (San Joaquin Valley  National         Carla Williams
   National Cemetery, 32053     Cemetery.
   W. McCabe Rd., 95322).
  Loma Linda (Jerry L. Pettis  Medical Center.  Dean R. Stordahl
   Memorial Veterans
   Hospital, 11201 Benton
   St., 92357).
  Long Beach (5901 E. 7th      Medical Center.  Lawrence Stewart
   St., 90822).
Los Angeles (11301 Wilshire    Medical Center.  Philip P. Thomas
 Blvd., Los Angeles, 90073).
  Los Angeles (11000 Wilshire  Regional Office  Stewart F. Liff
   Blvd., 90024).
  Los Angeles (950 S.          National         William L. Livingston
   Sepulveda Blvd., 90049).     Cemetery.
  Northern California Health   Medical Center.  Lucille Swanson
   Care System (150 Muir Rd.,
   Benicia, 94523).
  Oakland (Oakland Federal     Regional Office  Donald E. Stout
   Bldg., 1301 Clay St.,
  Palo Alto Health Care        Medical Center.  James A. Goff
   System (3801 Miranda Ave.,
  Riverside (22495 Van Buren   National         Steve Jorgensen
   Blvd., 92518).               Cemetery.
  San Bruno (Golden Gate       National         (Vacancy)
   National Cemetery, 1300      Cemetery.
   Sneath Ln., 94066).
  San Diego (3350 La Jolla     Medical Center.  Gary Rossio
   Village Dr., 92161).
  San Diego (8810 Rio San      Regional Office  Ray W. Hall
   Diego Dr., 92108).
  San Diego (Ft. Rosecrans     National         Cynthia Nunez
   National Cemetery, P.O.      Cemetery.
   Box 6237, Point Loma,
  San Francisco (4150 Clement  Medical Center.  Sheila Cullen, Acting
   St., 94121).
  San Francisco (P.O. Box      National         (Vacancy)
   29012, Presidio of San       Cemetery.
   Francisco, 94129) (Mail:
   Golden Gate National
   Cemetery, San Bruno, CA).
  Denver (1055 Clermont St.,   Medical Center.  Edgar Thorsland, Jr.
  Denver (80225).............  Denver           Robert Shields
  Denver (Ft. Logan National   National         Leon Murphy
   Cemetery, 3698 S. Sheridan   Cemetery.
   Blvd., 80235).
  Ft. Lyon (VA Medical         National         Maintained by VAMC
   Center, 81038).              Cemetery.        Engineering Service
  Ft. Lyon (81038)...........  Medical Center.  Stuart Collyer
  Grand Junction (81501).....  Medical Center.  Kurt Schlegelmilch
  Lakewood (P.O. Box 25126,    Regional Office  Catherine L. Smith
   155 Van Gordon St., 80228).
  Connecticut Health Care      Medical Center.  Paul McCool
   System (950 Campbell Ave.,
   West Haven, 06516).
  Hartford (450 Main St.,      Regional Office  Jeffrey Alger
  Wilmington (1601 Kirkwood    Medical and      Dexter Dix
   Hwy., 19805).                Regional
                                Office Center.
  Washington (50 Irving St.    Medical Center.  Sanford M. Garfunkel
   NW., 20422).
  Washington (1120 Vermont     Regional Office  Rowland Christian
   Ave. NW., 20421).
  Bay Pines (1000 Bay Pines    Medical Center   Thomas Weaver
   Blvd. N., 33504).            (medical and
  Bay Pines (P.O. Box 477,     National         Ronald R. Pemberton
   33504).                      Cemetery.
  Bushnell (Florida National   National         Ronald R. Pemberton
   Cemetery, 6502 SW. 102d      Cemetery.
   Ave., 33513).
  Miami (1201 NW. 16th St.,    Medical Center.  Thomas C. Doherty
  Northern Florida/Southern    Medical Center.  Elwood J. Headley
   Georgia Health Care System
   (1601 SW. Archer Rd.,
   Gainesville, 32608-1197).
  Pensacola (Barrancas         National         Sandra Beckley
   National Cemetery, Naval     Cemetery.
   Air Station, 80 Hovey Rd.
  St. Augustine (104 Marine    National         Ronald R. Pemberton
   St., 32084) (Mail: Florida   Cemetery.
   National Cemetery,
   Bushnell, FL).
  St. Petersburg (P.O. Box     Regional Office  William D. Stinger
   1437, 33731).
  Tampa (James A. Haley        Medical Center.  Richard A. Silver
   Veterans Hospital, 13000
   Bruce B. Downs Blvd.,
  West Palm Beach (7305 N.     Medical Center.  Edward H. Seiler
   Military Trail, 33410-
  Atlanta (1670 Clairmont      Medical Center.  Robert Perreault
   Rd., 30033).
  Atlanta (P.O. Box 100026,    Regional Office  Patrick Courtney
   1700 Clairmont Rd.,
   Decatur, 30033).
  Augusta (2460 Wrightsboro    Medical Center.  Ellen DeGeorge-Smith
   Rd., 30904-6285).
    Forest Hills Division
    Lenwood Division
  Dublin (31021).............  Medical Center   James Trusley
                                (medical and
  Marietta (500 Washington     National         Sharon Bell-Goodrich
   Ave., 30060).                Cemetery.

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  Honolulu (P.O. Box 50188,    Medical and      H. David Burge
   96850).                      Regional
                                Office Center.
  Honolulu (National Memorial  National         Gene E. Castagnetti
   Cemetery of the Pacific,     Cemetery.
   2177 Puowaina Dr., 96813-
  Boise (805 W. Franklin St.,  Regional Office  James Vance
  Boise (5th & Ft. Sts.,       Medical Center.  Wayne Tippets
  Alton (600 Pearl St.,        National         Ralph E. Church
   62003) (Mail: Jefferson      Cemetery.
   Barracks National
   Cemetery, MO).
  Chicago Health Care System   Medical Center.  Richard S. Citron
   (333 E. Huron St., 60611).
  Chicago (P.O. Box 8136, 536  Regional Office  Michael Olson
   S. Clark St., 60680).
  Danville (61832)...........  Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Danville (1900 E. Main St.,  National         (Vacancy)
   61832).                      Cemetery.
  Elwood (Abraham Lincoln      National         Billy Murphy
   National Cemetery, 27034     Cemetery.
   S. Diagonal Rd., 60421).
  Hines (Lock Box 66303, AMF   Finance Center.  James Burkett
   O'Hare, 60666-0303).
  Hines (Edward Hines, Jr.,    Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   Hospital, 60141).
  Hines (P.O. Box 76, 60141).  VA National      George T. Patterson
  Hines (P.O. Box 27, 60141).  Service and      David Garcia
  Marion (2401 W. Main St.,    Medical Center.  Earl Falast
  Moline (Rock Island          National         Larry Williams
   National Cemetery, P.O.      Cemetery.
   Box 737, Rock Island
   Arsenal, 61265).
  Mound City (P.O. Box 128,    National         Ralph E. Church
   Hwys. 37 & 51, 62963)        Cemetery.
   (Mail: Jefferson Barracks
   National Cemetery, MO).
  North Chicago (60064)......  Medical Center.  Alfred S. Pate
  Quincy (36th & Maine Sts.,   National         Larry Williams
   62301) (Mail: Rock Island    Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, Rock
   Island, IL).
  Springfield (Camp Butler     National         Dane Freeman
   National Cemetery, 5063      Cemetery.
   Camp Butler Rd., R No. 1,
  Indianapolis (1481 W. 10th   Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   St., 46202).
    Cold Spring Road Division
    Tenth Street Division
  Indianapolis (575 N.         Regional Office  (Vacancy)
   Pennsylvania St., 46204).
  Indianapolis (Crown Hill     National         Bobby A. Moton
   National Cemetery, 700 W.    Cemetery.
   38th St., 46208) (Mail:
   Marion National Cemetery,
  Marion (1700 E. 38th St.,    National         Bobby A. Moton
   46952).                      Cemetery.
  New Albany (1943 Ekin Ave.,  National         Gary D. Peak
   47150) (Mail: Zachary        Cemetery.
   Taylor National Cemetery,
  Northern Indiana Health      Medical Center.  Michael W. Murphy
   Care System (2121 Lake
   Ave., Ft. Wayne, 46805).
  Central Iowa Health Care     Medical Center.  Donald Cooper
   System (30th and Euclid
   Ave., Des Moines, 50310-
  Des Moines (210 Walnut St.,  Regional Office  (Vacancy)
  Iowa City (Hwy. 6 W., 52246- Medical Center.  Gary L. Wilkinson
  Keokuk (1701 J St., 52632)   National         Larry Williams
   (Mail: Rock Island           Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, IL).
  Eastern Kansas Health Care   Medical Center   Edgar L. Tucker
   System (Leavenworth,         (medical and
   66048).                      domiciliary).
  Ft. Leavenworth (Mail:       National         Jeffrey S. Barnes
   Leavenworth National         Cemetery.
   Cemetery, KS).
  Ft. Scott (P.O. Box 917,     National         Jeffrey S. Barnes
   66701).                      Cemetery.
  Leavenworth (P.O. Box 1694,  National         Jeffrey S. Barnes
   66048).                      Cemetery.
  Topeka (Bldg. 9, 3401 SW.    Shared service   Bruce C. Carruthers
   21st St., 66604).            center.
  Wichita (5500 E. Kellogg,    Medical Center.  Kent Hill
  Wichita (5500 E. Kellogg,    Regional Office  Kent Hill
  Danville (277 N. 1st St.,    National         Patrick Lovett
   40442) (Mail: Camp Nelson    Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, KY).
  Lebanon (20 Hwy. 208E,       National         Gary D. Peak
   40033) (Mail: Zachary        Cemetery.
   Taylor National Cemetery,
  Lexington (40511)..........  Medical Center.  Helen K. Cornish
    Cooper Drive Division
    Leestown Division
  Lexington (833 W. Main St.,  National         Patrick Lovett
   40508) (Mail: Camp Nelson    Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, KY).
  Louisville (545 S. 3d St.,   Regional Office  Richard Kestevan
  Louisville (800 Zorn Ave.,   Medical Center.  Larry J. Sander
  Louisville (Cave Hill        National         Gary D. Peak
   National Cemetery, 701       Cemetery.
   Baxter Ave., 40204) (Mail:
   Zachary Taylor National
   Cemetery, KY).

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  Louisville (Zachary Taylor   National         Gary D. Peak
   National Cemetery, 4701      Cemetery.
   Brownsboro Rd., 40207).
  Nancy (Mill Springs          National         Patrick Lovett
   National Cemetery, 9044 W.   Cemetery.
   Hwy. 80, 42544) (Mail:
   Camp Nelson National
   Cemetery, KY).
  Nicholasville (Camp Nelson   National         Patrick Lovett
   National Cemetery, 6980      Cemetery.
   Danville Rd., 40356).
  Alexandria (71301).........  Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Baton Rouge (220 N. 19th     National         Jorge Baltar
   St., 70806) (Mail: Port      Cemetery.
   Hudson National Cemetery,
  New Orleans (1601 Peridido   Medical Center.  John D. Church, Jr.
   St., 70146).
  New Orleans (701 Loyola      Regional Office  Gary Cole
   Ave., 70113).
  Pineville (Alexandria        National         Timothy Spain
   National Cemetery, 209 E.    Cemetery.
   Shamrock St., 71360)
   (Mail: Natchez, NC).
  Shreveport (510 E. Stoner    Medical Center.  Billy Valentine
   Ave., 71101).
  Zachary (20978 Port Hickey   National         Jorge Baltar
   Rd., 70791) (Port Hudson     Cemetery.
   National Cemetery).
  Togus (1 VA Ctr., 04330)...  Medical and      John H. Sims, Jr.
                                Office Center.
  Togus (VA Medical and        National         Kurt Rotar
   Regional Office Center,      Cemetery.
   04330) (Mail:
   Massachusetts National
   Cemetery, MA).
  Annapolis (800 West St.,     National         Robin Pohlman
   21401) (Mail: Baltimore      Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, MD).
  Baltimore (31 Hopkins Plz.,  Regional Office  Newell Quinton
  Baltimore (5501 Frederick    National         Robin Pohlman
   Ave., 21228).                Cemetery.
  Baltimore (Loudon Park       National         Robin Pohlman
   National Cemetery, 3445      Cemetery.
   Frederick Ave., 21228)
   (Mail: Baltimore National
   Cemetery, MD).
  Maryland Health Care System  Medical Center.  Dennis Smith
   (10 N. Green St.,
   Baltimore, 21201).
  Bedford (Edith Nourse        Medical Center.  William A. Conte
   Rogers Memorial Veterans
   Hospital, 200 Springs Rd.,
  Boston Health Care Center    Medical Center.  Michael Lawson
   (150 S. Huntington Ave.,
  Boston (John F. Kennedy      Regional Office  Fay Norred
   Federal Bldg., 02203).
  Bourne (Massachusetts        National         Kurt Rotar
   National Cemetery, Connery   Cemetery.
   Ave., 02532).
  Brockton (940 Belmont St.,   Medical Center.  Roland E. Moore
  Northampton (01060)........  Medical Center.  Bruce A. Gordon
  Ann Arbor (2215 Fuller Rd.,  Medical Center.  James Roseborough
  Augusta (Ft. Custer          National         John Bacon
   National Cemetery, 15501     Cemetery.
   Dickman Rd., 49012).
  Battle Creek (49106).......  Medical Center.  Michael K. Wheeler
  Detroit (48101-1932).......  Medical Center.  Carlos B. Lott, Jr.
  Detroit (477 Michigan Ave.,  Regional Office  Geraldine Johnson
  Iron Mountain (49801)......  Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Saginaw (1500 Weiss St.,     Medical Center.  Robert H. Sabin
  Minneapolis (1 Veterans      Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   Dr., 55417).
  Minneapolis (Ft. Snelling    National         Robert F. McCollum
   National Cemetery, 7601      Cemetery.
   34th Ave. S., 55450).
  St. Cloud (4801 8th St. N.,  Medical Center.  Barry I. Bahl
  St. Paul (Bishop Henry       Regional Office  Ronald J. Henke
   Whipple Federal Bldg., Ft.   & Insurance
   Snelling, 55111)             Center.
   (Remittances: P.O. Box
   1820, 55111).
  Biloxi (39531).............  Medical Center   Julie Catellier
                                (medical and
    Biloxi Hospital and
   Domiciliary Division
    Gulfport Hospital
  Biloxi (P.O. Box 4968,       National         Douglas Miner
   39535-4968).                 Cemetery.
  Corinth (1551 Horton St.,    Medical Center   Mark E. Maynard
   38834) (Mail: Memphis        (medical and
   National Cemetery, TN).      domiciliary).
  Jackson (1500 E. Woodrow     Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   Wilson Dr., 39216).
  Jackson (1600 E. Woodrow     Regional Office  (Vacancy)
   Wilson Ave., 39216).
  Natchez (41 Cemetery Rd.,    National         Timothy Spain
   39120).                      Cemetery.
  Columbia (Harry S. Truman    Medical Center.  Gary Campbell
   Memorial Veterans
   Hospital, 800 Hospital
   Dr., 65201).

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  Jefferson City (1024 E.      National         Ralph E. Church
   McCarthy, 65101) (Mail:      Cemetery.
   Jefferson Barracks
   National Cemetery, MO).
  Kansas City (4801 Linwood    Medical Center.  Hugh F. Doran
   Blvd., 64128).
  Poplar Bluff (63901).......  Medical Center.  Nancy Arnold
  Springfield (1702 E.         National         Gloria Mote
   Seminole St., 65804).        Cemetery.
  St. Louis (63125)..........  Medical Center.  Linda Kurz
    John J. Cochran Division,
  St. Louis (P.O. Box 5020,    Records          Brian Corley
   Bldg. 104, 4300 Goodfellow   Management
   Blvd., 63115).               Center.
  St. Louis (400 S. 18th St.,  Regional Office  (Vacancy)
  St. Louis (Jefferson         National         Ralph E. Church
   Barracks National            Cemetery.
   Cemetery, 2900 Sheridan
   Dr., 63125).
  Montana Health Care System   Medical and      Joseph M. Underkofler
   (Ft. Harrison, 59636).       Regional
                                Office Center.
  Greater Nebraska Health      Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   Care System (600 S. 70th
   St., Lincoln, 68510).
  Lincoln (5631 S. 48th St.,   Regional Office  (Vacancy)
  Maxwell (Ft. McPherson       National         Jim Schwartz
   National Cemetery, 12004     Cemetery.
   S. Spur 56A, 69151-1031).
  Omaha (4101 Woolworth Ave.,  Medical Center.  John J. Phillips
  Las Vegas (102 Lake Mead     Outpatient       Ramon J. Reevey
   Dr., 89106).                 Clinic.
  Reno (1000 Locust St.,       Medical Center.  Gary R. Whitfield
  Reno (1201 Terminal Way,     Regional Office  Eileen Straub
  Manchester (718 Smyth Rd.,   Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Manchester (275 Chestnut     Regional Office  Edward J. Hubbard
   St., 03101).
  Beverly (R No. 1,            National         Delores T. Blake
   Bridgeboro Rd., 08010).      Cemetery.
  Newark (20 Washington Pl.,   Regional Office  William Nicholas
  New Jersey Health Care       Medical Center.  Kenneth Mizrach
   System (East Orange,
  Salem (Finn's Point          National         Delores T. Blake
   National Cemetery, R.F.D.    Cemetery.
   3, Ft. Mott Rd., Box 542,
   08079) (Mail: Beverly
   National Cemetery, NJ).
  Somerville (08876).........  Asset            Sharon Dufour
  Albuquerque (2100            Medical Center.  Norman E. Browne
   Ridgecrest Dr. SE., 87108-
  Albuquerque (500 Gold Ave.   Regional Office  Sandra D. Epps
   SW., 87102).
  Ft. Bayard (Ft. Bayard       National         Gerald T. Vitela
   National Cemetery, P.O.      Cemetery.
   Box 189, 88036) (Mail: Ft.
   Bliss National Cemetery,
  Santa Fe (P.O. Box 88, 501   National         Gilbert Gallo
   N. Guadalupe St., 87501).    Cemetery.
  Albany (113 Holland Ave.,    Medical Center.  Clyde Parkis
  Bath (14810)...............  Medical Center   (Vacancy)
                                (medical and
  Bath (VA Medical Center,     National         Virgil Wertenberger
   14810).                      Cemetery.
  Bronx (130 W. Kingsbridge    Medical Center.  MaryAnn Musumeci
   Rd., 10468).
    Brooklyn Division
    St. Albans Division
  Brooklyn (Cypress Hills      National         Art Smith
   National Cemetery, 625       Cemetery.
   Jamaica Ave., 11208)
   (Mail: Long Island
   National Cemetery, NY).
  Buffalo (111 W. Huron St.,   Regional Office  Gregory L. Mason
  Calverton (210 Princeton     National         Patrick Hallinan
   Blvd., 11933).               Cemetery.
  Canandaigua (14424)........  Medical Center.  W. David Smith
  Elmira (Woodlawn National    National         Virgil Wertenberger
   Cemetery, 1825 Davis St.,    Cemetery.
   14901) (Mail: Bath
   National Cemetery, NY).
  Farmingdale (Long Island     National         Art Smith
   National Cemetery, 2040      Cemetery.
   Wellwood Ave., 11735-1211).
  Hudson Valley Health Care    Medical Center.  Michael Sabo
   System (Franklin Delano
   Roosevelt Hospital,
   Montrose, 10548).
  New York (245 W. Houston     Regional Office  Pat Amberg-Blyskal
   Street, 10014).
  New York Harbor Health Care  Medical Center.  John J. Donnellan, Jr.
   System (Brooklyn, 11209).
  Northport (Long Island,      Medical Center.  Mary Dowling
Schuylerville (Saratoga        National         Mary Ann Fisher
 National Cemetery, 200 Duell   Cemetery.
 Rd., 12871-1721).
  Syracuse (Irving Ave. &      Medical Center.  James Cody
   University Pl., 13210).
  Western New York Health      Medical Center.  William Feeley
   Care System (3495 Bailey
   Ave., Buffalo, 14215).

[[Page 369]]
  Asheville (28805)..........  Medical Center.  James A. Christian
  Durham (508 Fulton St. &     Medical Center.  Michael Phaup
   Erwin Rd., 27705).
  Fayetteville (2300 Ramsey    Medical Center.  Richard Baltz
   St., 28301).
  New Bern (1711 National      National         Margaret S. Yaraborough
   Ave., 28560).                Cemetery.
  Raleigh (501 Rock Quarry     National         Margaret S. Yaraborough
   Rd., 27610).                 Cemetery.
  Salisbury (1601 Brenner      Medical Center.  Timothy May
   Ave., 28144).
  Salisbury (202 Government    National         Margaret S. Yaraborough
   Rd., 28144).                 Cemetery.
  Wilmington (2011 Market      National         Margaret S. Yaraborough
   St., 28403) (Mail: New       Cemetery.
   Bern National Cemetery,
  Winston-Salem (251 N. Main   Regional Office  John Montgomery
   St., 27155).
  Fargo (655 1st Ave., 58102)  Medical and      Douglas M. Kenyon
                                Office Center.
  Chillicothe (45601)........  Medical Center.  Michael W. Walton
  Cincinnati (3200 Vine St.,   Medical Center.  Gary N. Nugent
  Cleveland (10701 East        Medical Center.  William Montague
   Blvd., 44106-3800).
    Brecksville Division
    Wade Park Division
  Cleveland (1240 E. 9th St.,  Regional Office  Phillip J. Ross
  Columbus (2090 Kenny Rd.,    Outpatient       Lilian T. Thome
   43221).                      Clinic.
  Dayton (VA Medical Center,   Medical Center   Steve Cohen
   4100 W. 3d St., 45428).      (medical and
  Dayton (VA Medical Center,   National         Karen J. DuHart
   4100 W. 3d St., 45428).      Cemetery.
  Rittman (Ohio Western        National         Jeffrey Teas
   Reserve National Cemetery,   Cemetery.
   P.O. Box 8, 44270).
  Ft. Gibson (1423 Cemetery    National         Kenny Rader
   Rd., 74434).                 Cemetery.
  Muskogee (Memorial Station,  Medical Center.  Allen J. Colston
   Honor Heights Dr., 74401).
  Muskogee (125 S. Main St.,   Regional Office  William D. Fillman, Jr.
  Oklahoma City (921 NE. 13th  Medical Center.  Steve J. Gentling
   St., 73104).
  Eagle Point (2763 Riley      National         Darryl Ferrell
   Rd., 97524).                 Cemetery.
  Portland (3710 SW. U.S.      Medical Center.  James Tuchschmidt
   Veterans Hospital Rd.,
  Portland (1220 SW. 3d Ave.,  Regional Office  Jerry McRae
  Portland (Willamette         National         Gertrude Devenney
   National Cemetery, 11800     Cemetery.
   SE. Mt. Scott Blvd., P.O.
   Box 66147, 97266-6937).
  Roseburg (97470-6513)......  Medical Center.  George Marnell
  Roseburg (VA Medical         National         Darryl Ferrell
   Center, 97470) (Mail:        Cemetery.
   Willamette National
   Cemetery, OR).
  White City (97503).........  Domiciliary....  George H. Andries, Jr.
  Altoona (16602-4377).......  Medical Center.  Gerald L. Williams
  Annville (Indiantown Gap     National         Charlene R. Lewis
   National Cemetery, Rt. 2,    Cemetery.
   Box 484, 17003-9618).
  Butler (16001-2480)........  Medical Center.  Michael Moreland
  Coatesville (19320)........  Medical Center.  Gary W. Devansky
  Erie (135 E. 38th St.        Medical Center.  Stephen M. Lucas
   Blvd., 16504).
  Lebanon (17042)............  Medical Center.  Charlene Szabo
  Philadelphia (5000           Regional Office  Thomas M. Lastowka
   Wissahickon Ave., 19101)     & Insurance
   (Insurance remittances:      Center.
   P.O. Box 7787). (Mail:
   P.O. Box 42954).
  Philadelphia (University &   Medical Center.  Michael Sullivan
   Woodland Aves., 19104).
  Philadelphia (Haines St. &   National         Delores T. Blake
   Limekiln Pike, 19138)        Cemetery.
   (Mail: Beverly National
   Cemetery, NJ).
  Pittsburgh (1000 Liberty     Regional Office  Barry S. Jackson
   Ave., 15222).
  Pittsburgh Health Care       Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   System (University Dr. C,
    Aspinwall Division
    Pittsburgh Division
  Wilkes-Barre (1111 E. End    Medical Center.  Reedes Hurt
   Blvd., 18711).
  Manila (1131 Roxas Blvd.,    Regional Office  Barry M. Barker
   FPO AP96515-1110).           & Outpatient
  Bayamon (Puerto Rico         National         William Trowler
   National Cemetery, Avenue    Cemetery.
   Cementerio Nacional No.
   50, 00960).
  Hato Rey (U.S. Courthouse &
   Federal Bldg., Carlos E.
   Chardon St., 00918).
  San Juan (Barrio Monacillos  Medical Center.  Jamie Palmer
   G.P.O., Box 364867, 00927-
  San Juan (U.S. Courthouse &  Regional Office  Mary F. Leyland
   Federal Bldg., Carlos E.
   Chardon St., G.P.O. Box
   364867, Hato Rey, 00936).

[[Page 370]]
  Providence (380 Westminster  Regional Office  Peter Wells
   Mall, 02903).
  Providence (Davis Park,      Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Beaufort (1601 Boundary      National         Walter A. Gray, Jr.
   St., 29902).                 Cemetery.
  Charleston (109 Bee St.,     Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Columbia (William Jennings   Medical Center.  Brian Heckert
   Bryan Dorn Veterans
   Hospital, 29209).
  Columbia (1801 Assembly      Regional Office  Carl W. Hawkins
   St., 29201).
  Florence (803 E. National    National         Kenneth LaFevor
   Cemetery Rd., 29501).        Cemetery.
  Black Hills Health Care      Medical Center.  Peter P. Henry
   System (113 Comanche Rd.,
   Ft. Meade, 57741).
  Hot Springs (VA Medical      National         Robert E. Poe
   Center, 57747) (Mail:        Cemetery.
   Black Hills National
   Cemetery, SD).
  Sioux Falls (Royal C.        Medical Center   R. Vincent Crawford
   Johnson Veterans Memorial    and Regional
   Hospital, P.O. Box 5046,     Office.
   25051 W. 22d St., 57117).
  Sturgis (P.O. Box 640,
   57785) (Mail: Black Hills
   National Cemetery).
  Sturgis (Black Hills         National         Robert E. Poe
   National Cemetery, P.O.      Cemetery.
   Box 640, 57785).
  Chattanooga (1200 Bailey     National         Candice Underwood
   Ave., 37404).                Cemetery.
  Knoxville (939 Tyson St.     National         Candice Underwood
   NW., 37917) (Mail:           Cemetery.
   Mountain Home National
  Madison (1420 Gallatin Rd.   National         Joe Nunnally
   S., 37115-4619) (Nashville   Cemetery.
   National Cemetery).
  Memphis (1030 Jefferson      Medical Center.  Kenneth L. Mulholland,
   Ave., 38104).                                 Jr.
  Memphis (3568 Townes Ave.,   National         Mary Dill
   38122).                      Cemetery.
  Mountain Home (Johnson       Medical Center   Carl J. Gerber
   City, 37684).                (medical and
  Mountain Home (P.O. Box 8,   National         Rodney Dunn
   37684).                      Cemetery.
  Murfreesboro (37129-1236)..  Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
  Nashville (1310 24th Ave.    Medical Center.  William Mountcastle
   S., 37212-2637).
  Nashville (110 9th Ave. S.,  Regional Office  Thomas R. Jensen
  Amarillo (6010 Amarillo      Medical Center.  Wallace M. Hopkins
   Blvd. W., 79106).
  Austin (1615 E. Woodward     Automation       Robert Evans
   St., 78772).                 Center.
  Austin (P.O. Box 149975,     Financial        Debbie L. Clark
   78714-9575).                 Services
  Big Spring (79720).........  Medical Center.  Cary Brown
  Central Texas Health Care    Medical Center   Dean Billik
   System (Olin E. Teague       (medical and
   Veterans Center, Temple,     domiciliary).
  Dallas (Dallas Ft. Worth     National         Jimmy Adamson
   National Cemetery, 2191      Cemetery.
   Mt. Creek Pkwy., 75211).
  El Paso Health Care          Medical Center.  Byron K. Jaqua
   System(5919 Brook Hollow
   Dr., 79925).
  Ft. Bliss (5200 Fred Wilson  National         Gerald T. Vitela
   Rd., P.O. Box 6342, 79906).  Cemetery.
  Houston (2002 Holcombe       Medical Center.  David Whately
   Blvd., 77030).
  Houston (6900 Almeda Rd.,    Regional Office  Thomas R. Wagner
  Houston (10410 Veterans      National         Jorge Lopez
   Memorial Dr., 77038).        Cemetery.
  Kerrville (VA Medical        National         Joe A. Ramos
   Center, 3600 Memorial        Cemetery.
   Blvd., 78028) (Mail: Ft.
   Sam Houston, TX).
  North Texas Health Care      Medical Center.  Alan Harper
   System (4500 S. Lancaster
   Rd., 75216).
  San Antonio (517 Paso Hondo  National         Joe A. Ramos
   St., 78202) (Mail: Ft. Sam   Cemetery.
   Houston National Cemetery).
  San Antonio (1520 Harry      National         Joe A. Ramos
   Wurzbach Rd., 78209) (Ft.    Cemetery.
   Sam Houston National
  South Texas Veterans Health  Medical Center.  Jose R. Coronado
   Care System (Audie L.
   Murphy Memorial Veterans
   Hospital, 7400 Merton
   Minter Blvd., San Antonio,
  Waco (701 Clay Ave., 76799)  Regional Office  (Vacancy)
  Salt Lake City (125 S.       Regional Office  Douglas B. Wadsworth
   State St., 84147).
  Salt Lake City (500          Medical Center.  James Floyd
   Foothill Blvd., 84148).
  White River Junction (215    Medical and      Gary M. DeGasta
   N. Main St., 05009).         Regional
                                Office Center.
  Alexandria (1450 Wilkes      National         Patricia K. Novak
   St., 22314) (Mail:           Cemetery.
   Culpeper National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Culpeper (305 U.S. Ave.,     National         James Wallace
   22701).                      Cemetery.
  Danville (721 Lee St.,       National         Margaret S. Yarborough
   24541) (Mail: Salisbury      Cemetery.
   National Cemetery, NC).

[[Page 371]]
  Hampton (23667)............  Medical Center   Bettye Story
                                (medical and
  Hampton (Cemetery Rd. at     National         Homer D. Hardamon
   Marshall Ave., 23667).       Cemetery.
  Hampton (VA Medical Center,  National         Homer D. Hardamon
   23667) (Mail: Cemetery Rd.   Cemetery.
   at Marshall Ave., VA).
  Hopewell (10th Ave. & Davis  National         Homer D. Hardamon
   St., 23860) (City Point      Cemetery.
   National Cemetery) (Mail:
   Richmond National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Leesburg (Balls Bluff        National         James Wallace
   National Cemetery, Route     Cemetery.
   7, 22075) (Mail: Culpeper
   National Cemetery, VA).
  Mechanicsville (Cold Harbor  National         Homer D. Hardamon
   National Cemetery, Route     Cemetery.
   156 N., 23111) (Mail:
   Richmond National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Richmond (1201 Broad Rock    Medical Center.  James W. Dudley
   Rd., 23249).
  Richmond (1701 Williamsburg  National         Homer D. Hardamon
   Rd., 23231).                 Cemetery.
  Richmond (Ft. Harrison       National         Homer D. Hardamon
   National Cemetery, 8620      Cemetery.
   Varina Rd., 23231) (Mail:
   Richmond National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Richmond (Glendale National  National         Homer D. Hardamon
   Cemetery, 8301 Willis        Cemetery.
   Church Rd., 23231) (Mail:
   Richmond National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Roanoke (210 Franklin Rd.    Regional Office  John W. Smith
   SW., 24011).
  Salem (24153)..............  Medical Center.  Stephen Lemons
  Sandston (Seven Pines        National         Homer D. Hardamon
   National Cemetery, 400 E.    Cemetery.
   Williamsburg Rd., 23150)
   (Mail: Richmond National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Staunton (901 Richmond       National         James Wallace
   Ave., 24401) (Mail:          Cemetery.
   Culpeper National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Triangle (Quantico National  National         Patricia K. Novak
   Cemetery, R No. 619, 18424   Cemetery.
   Joplin Rd., 22172).
  Winchester (401 National     National         James Wallace
   Ave., 22601) (Mail:          Cemetery.
   Culpeper National
   Cemetery, VA).
  Kent (Takoma National        National         Sandra L. Noguez
   Cemetery, 18600 SE. 240th    Cemetery.
   St., 98042-4868).
  Pugent Sound Health Care     Medical Center.  Timothy Williams
   System (4435 Beacon Ave.
   S., Seattle, 98108).
  Seattle (915 2d Ave.,        Regional Office  Kristine A. Arnold
  Spokane (N. 4815 Assembly    Medical Center.  Joseph M. Manley
   St., 99205).
  Walla Walla (77 Wainwright   Medical Center.  (Vacancy)
   Dr., 99362).
  Beckley (200 Veterans Ave.,  Medical Center.  Gerard Husson
  Clarksburg (26301).........  Medical Center.  Michael W. Neusch
  Grafton (West Virginia       National         Deborah Poe
   National Cemetery, Rt. 2,    Cemetery.
   Box 127, 26354).
  Grafton (431 Walnut St.,     National         Deborah Poe
   26354) (Mail: West           Cemetery.
   Virginia National
   Cemetery, WV) (Grafton
   National Cemetery, WV).
  Huntington (1540 Spring      Medical Center.  David Pennington
   Valley Dr., 25704).
  Huntington (640 4th Ave.,    Regional Office  Carl E. Lowe II
  Martinsburg (25401)........  Medical Center   George Moore, Jr.
                                (medical and
  Madison (William S.          Medical Center.  Nathan L. Geraths
   Middleton Memorial
   Veterans Hospital, 2500
   Overlook Ter., 53705).
  Milwaukee (5000 W. National  Medical Center   Glen Grippen
   Ave., 53295-4000).           (medical and
  Milwaukee (5000 W. National  Regional Office  Jon A. Baker
   Ave., Bldg. 6, 53295-4000).
  Milwaukee (Wood National     National         Richard C. Anderson
   Cemetery, 5000 W. National   Cemetery.
   Ave., 53295-4000).
  Tomah (54660)..............  Medical Center.  Stanley Q. Johnson
  Cheyenne (2360 E. Pershing   Medical Center.  Richard Fry
   Blvd., 82001).
  Sheridan (82801)...........  Medical Center.  Maureen Humphrys

Sources of Information

Audiovisuals  Persons interested in the availability of VA video 
productions or exhibits for showing outside VA may write the Chief, 
Media Services Division (032B), Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 
Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20420. Phone, 202-273-9781 or 9782.

[[Page 372]]
Contracts  Persons seeking to do business with the Department of 
Veterans Affairs may contact the Director, Acquisition Resources Service 
(95), 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20420. Phone, 202-273-8815. 
A brochure entitled Doing Business with the Department of Veterans 
Affairs is available upon request. The Office of Acquisition and 
Materiel Management also distributes information regarding VA business 
opportunities through the Internet, at www.va.gov/oa&mm/index.htm.
Small Business Programs  Persons seeking information on VA's small 
business programs may call 800-949-8387 (toll free) or 202-565-8124. The 
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization website 
(Internet, www.va.gov/osdbu) contains a considerable amount of 
information about these programs.
Electronic Access  Information concerning the Department of Veterans 
Affairs is available electronically through the Internet, at www.va.gov.
Employment  The Department of Veterans Affairs employs physicians, 
dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, nurses, nurse anesthetists, 
physician assistants, expanded-function dental auxiliaries, registered 
respiratory therapists, certified respiratory technicians, licensed 
physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, and licensed 
practical or vocational nurses under VA's excepted merit system. This 
system does not require civil service eligibility. Other professional, 
technical, administrative, and clerical occupations exist in VA that do 
require civil service eligibility. Persons interested in employment 
should contact the Human Resources Management Office at their nearest VA 
facility. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for 
appointments without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, 
sex, political affiliation, or any nonmerit factor.
Freedom of Information Act Requests  Inquiries should be directed to the 
Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology, Information 
Management Service (045A4), 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 
20420. Phone, 202-273-8135.
Inspector General Inquiries and Hotline  Publicly available documents 
and information on the VA Office of Inspector General are available 
electronically through the Internet, at www.va.gov/oig/homepage.htm. 
Complaints may be sent by mail to the VA Inspector General (53E), P.O. 
Box 50410, Washington, DC 20091-0410. Hotline phone, 800-488-8244. E-
mail, vaoig.hotline@forum.va.gov.
Medical Center (Hospital) Design, Construction, and Related Services  VA 
projects requiring services for design, construction, and other related 
services are advertised in the Commerce Business Daily. Architectural/
engineering firms interested in designing VA medical center construction 
projects may write to the Director, Program Support Service (187B). 
Phone, 202-565-4181. Construction contractors should address their 
inquiries to the Chief, Office and Library Support Division (182C). 
Phone, 202-565-5171. Contact either office at the Department of Veterans 
Affairs Central Office, 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20420; or 
write to the Chief, Acquisition and Materiel Management, at any VA 
medical center or regional office center (see listing in the preceding 
News Media  Representatives of the media outside Washington, DC, may 
contact VA through the nearest regional Office of Public Affairs:

  Atlanta (404-347-3236)
  Chicago (312-353-4076)
  Dallas (214-767-9270)
  Denver (303-914-5855)
  Los Angeles (310-268-4207)
  New York (212-807-3429)

National and Washington, DC, media may contact the Office of Public 
Affairs in the VA Central Office, 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 
20420. Phone, 202-273-5700.
Publications  The Annual Report of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs may 
be obtained (in single copies), without charge, from the Reports and 
Information Service (008C2), 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 

[[Page 373]]
    The 1998 VA pamphlet Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents 
(80-98-1) is available for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, 
Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.
    The Board of Veterans Appeals Index (I-01-1), an index to appellate 
decisions, is available on microfiche in annual cumulation from July 
1977 through December 1994. The quarterly indexes may be purchased for 
$7 and annual cumulative indexes for $22.50. Annual indexes and BVA 
decisions for 1992 and 1993 are also available on CD-ROM for $30. The 
VADEX/CITATOR of Appellate Research Materials is a complete printed 
quarterly looseleaf cumulation of research material which may be 
purchased for $175 with binder and for $160 without binder. The Vadex 
Infobase, a computer-searchable version of the VADEX, is also available 
on diskettes for $100 per copy. These publications may be obtained by 
contacting Promisel and Korn, Inc. Phone, 301-986-0650. Beginning in 
1993, archived decisions of the Board of Veterans' Appeals are available 
on CD-ROM, which may be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, 
Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.
    VA Pamphlet, A Summary of Department of Veteran Affairs Benefits 
(27-82-2), may be obtained, without charge, from any VA regional office.
    Interments in VA National Cemeteries, VA NCA-IS-1, provides a list 
of national cemeteries and information on procedures and eligibility for 
burial. Copies may be obtained without charge from the National Cemetery 
Administration (402B2), 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20420.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Affairs, 
Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue NW., Washington, DC 
20420. Phone, 202-273-5700. Internet, www.va.gov.