Bestowal of Data and Deed of Gift

WHEREAS, the United States of America requires all tax-exempt organizations to file periodic reports to the Internal Revenue Service of financial status and actions taken as detailed in 26 U.S.C. §501(c), and as such filings are for public inspection;

AND WHEREAS, every government-issued public document deserves a permanent and secure URL on the Internet;

AND WHEREAS, such filings of tax-exempt organizations are currently made available by the Internal Revenue Service in the form of a monthly feed of 1-page TIFF images on a set of DVDs which are sold for an subscription rate of $2,580 per annum;

AND WHEREAS, such filings from January 1, 2002 until the present have been obtained through purchase by Public.Resource.Org and by gift received from the Executive Office of the President, such DVDs weighing 98.7 pounds;

AND WHEREAS, Public.Resource.Org has transformed such filings from the DVDs into PDF documents with appropriate metadata and is being now made available on via the HTTPS, FTP, and RSYNC protocols;

PUBLIC.RESOURCE.ORG does hereby bestow this gift—without reservation or qualification—unto the government of the United States in the form and manifestation most convenient to said government. You may choose to retrieve the data directly from the Internet, accept a disk drive with the data, or accept a fully and properly configured Internet server. We would also be pleased to provide technical assistance as should be required. Give this deserving data a good home in .gov!

The Seal of Approval